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5 Tips To Decluttering Before A Big Move with I-Haul:

Your Trusted Moving Company in Cincinnati

Are you contemplating a significant move from the heart of Cincinnati to perhaps a lovely neighborhood in Fairfield, Ohio, or even further away? One of the pivotal steps before any move is decluttering. Especially for those extensive relocations, where hauling each item can be both challenging and expensive. Even if your new abode is just across town, it's beneficial to streamline what you bring along. Here are some decluttering pointers to consider before embarking on your moving journey with I-Haul, your authority moving experts.

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Table of Contents

1. Downsize Your Wardrobe

Often, the most substantial decluttering challenge lies within our wardrobes. Clothing often carries emotional weight, whether it's the aspiration of fitting into a particular size again or the cherished memories associated with an item. However, for a streamlined move, particularly with I-Haul's efficient Cincinnati movers, it's pivotal

to downsize. Begin by emptying your closet and dressers. Remove anything stained, damaged, or outmoded. The next step is to critically assess the rest. Ask yourself: If I were shopping now, would I buy this? Or, do I foresee wearing this in the upcoming year? With such scrutiny, you can identify items to part with, making your move leaner.

2. Discard Broken Items

The adage "I'll fix it someday" often results in a collection of broken items. As you prepare to nestle into a new home in Fairfield or elsewhere, think about starting afresh without the baggage of pending repairs. Be rigorous in this phase: if it's worn or slightly damaged, consider if it's genuinely worth the hassle of moving.

3. Categorize and Eliminate Dupes

Long-time residents often accumulate multiples of items. This redundancy is neither efficient nor practical when moving. Take time to sort items by category, identifying and keeping only the best version of each. This effort ensures you're not moving with excess baggage.

4. Organize with Three or Four Piles

As you sift through belongings, segregate them into specific categories: Donate, Sell, Toss, and a potential "Maybe" pile for those you're uncertain about. Over time, aim to move items from "Maybe" to one of the definitive categories.

5. Mementos Need Decluttering Too

Arguably the toughest decluttering challenge is deciding which mementos to keep. Start by assessing the real emotional value of each item. Those that fail to evoke a significant memory or sentiment might be easier to part with. With children's keepsakes, the key is discernment. Preserve those that capture pivotal moments or stories, rather than trying to retain every single memory.

Decluttering is not just about reducing the volume of items to move; it's about starting your new chapter on the right foot. And when you're set to make that move from Cincinnati or within the cozy neighborhoods of Fairfield, Ohio, I-Haul is your trusted partner. With our comprehensive services, expert movers, and local familiarity, we ensure your move is as seamless as your newly decluttered life.


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