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Local Move

Whether you're changing neighborhoods or staying in the same city, our local moving service ensures a smooth transition with expert care.

Authority Moving Experts

Relocating, be it for work, family, or a shift in your personal journey, is an intricate ballet of logistics. Whether you're embracing homeownership, switching apartments, downsizing, transitioning to senior living or diving into the college experience, the process is always demanding, even if you're only moving a stone's throw away.


Local relocations typically cover a distance of 50-100 miles. And if you're based in Cincinnati, the scope of local moves can encompass neighboring cities such as Covington, Dayton, Erlanger, Lawrenceburg, not to mention suburbs like Mason, Fairfield, and West Chester.

A common misconception is that a move's complexity is proportionate to its distance. This couldn't be further from the truth! Local moves come with their own set of unique challenges. Think about the frenzy: endless to-and-fro trips, last-minute packing marathons, children and pets playing obstacle course, and an overenthusiastic entourage of friends and family who, with all good intentions, sometimes make the process more tumultuous than helpful. All these factors can transform what seems like a straightforward move into a chaotic puzzle.



Why haul when I haul?

​We do all the heavy lifting so you can enjoy your moving experience. 

Enter I-Haul: Cincinnati's beacon of relief amidst the tumult of relocation. Our reputation as a reliable local moving company isn't new-found. We've been easing moving woes for a century, proving time and again that moving can be streamlined, stress-free, and even enjoyable. Entrust your move to I-Haul and elevate your relocating experience from stressful to seamless.

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